Sebastian Davis of Bowie MMA receives “Fight of The Night” award at Absolute Anhilation MMA event in Manassass, VA

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Bowie MMA - Mixed Martial Arts
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Bowie MMA team congratulates Sebastian Davis on a powerful showing in his first fight, resulting in his winning the “Fight of the Night” award even though he lost the match.
If you were at the event, you saw a powerful debut.

Video and pictures on the way.

  1. Anthony Argyros says:

    Congratulations, Sebastian !!

    I am really proud of you and look forward to meeting you and training with you. I can’t wait to see the video of the fight.

    You represent us, proudly.

    Carlos is a special person and the best instructor anyone can ask for.

    I am proud to know you are my teammate

    excellent work !!

    Anthony Argyros
    Carlos Catania/Sergio Penha BJJ Blackbelt

    • Chris @WebMindSet says:

      Check out this video of coach showing us the Monson choke during a recent no-gi night:

      You picked a great teacher and we’re learning a lot from him!

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